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Since we're starting, I don't want to give any of the story away with the characters bios. It's not like there is anything close to a plot here, but that's exactly what the comic is all about: our cast. So I will post more detailed descriptions once their personalities are more evident. I like suspence... la la la...


The shortest member of the trio. Sarah's image is based on my good friend Maria. Like her, she is half-Irish, half-Hispanic. Yeah, diversity is a beautiful thing...


The tallest one in the group. She normally is the voice of reason (if there can be any when the 3 are together...). But Eliza might not be as simple and normal as she thinks.


The only guy! A complete psycho with identity issues. The design is based on my best friend. I guess he doesn't want his name here, so I'll just say he doesn't go through the confussion Xavier will be experiencing.